Availability – Pricing

All listed prices are in USD. Prices are subject to change at any given time. Canadian Sales are subject to Sales Tax (QST and GST for Quebec and only GST for anywhere else in Canada).

Deposits – Payment Plans

A minimum deposit is requested for you to reserve an animal. The minimum deposit will be determined depending on your order.  Deposits are transferable from one animal to another. A deposit is needed for us to get the paperwork and shipping process going. From the moment your first deposit has been made, you have a maximum of 3 months to complete your payment. Once the payment is paid in full, we shall ship your animal.

A payment plan is available for all purchases of $1,500 or more. A minimum deposit is still required to reserve your animal.


We must have received full payment prior to shipping. Most forms of payment are accepted. Contact us for more information.


All Shipping is handled by Mirdo Importations Canada Inc. Mirdo Importations has 35 years of importation and exportation experience.

Shipping within Canada

Delivery is a possibility within the Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes areas, make sure to contact us for more information. Except that, we will be shipping through Freight Air Collect  with Air Canada to the nearest airport of your choice.


All animals come with a standard guarantee on sex and genetics. We guarantee live and healthy animals upon arrival by delivery or by air. This guarantee will not take affect if shipment is held up in customs in your country due to an oversight in importation documents. I will be there to assist you throughout the process to make sure that there are no complications throughout the transaction.