NBK Reptiles at Le Salon des Reptiles 2015OnĀ  March 7-8th, NBK reptiles was part of the “Salon des Reptiles” in Montreal. That show is educational only and I must say, it was a blast for the whole NBK Crew. We shared our passion with every visitor. I must tell you, there is something about spending time with kids teaching them about the beautiful creatures we love! Everyone that came to the show seemed to have enjoyed themselves!

The reason I am talking about education right now, is because every reptile hobbyist should take some time every year to educate people and especially the future generations. We have just received terrible news in the USA with the Lacey Act, and the only way we can fight back is by spreading the word to everyone and educating them about the beauties and wonders of the reptile world! If we do not do so, we could wake up tomorrow and have the animals we love banned here too…

Think about it!

In this picture, you can see the pioneer Nurhan and the 2 sons; Brian & Kevin! Our father had taught us everything we know about this world, but most importantly, he shared his passion with us which has now become ours!

Live for Passion!