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Le Salon des Reptiles 2015

NBK Reptiles at Le Salon des Reptiles 2015On  March 7-8th, NBK reptiles was part of the “Salon des Reptiles” in Montreal. That show is educational only and I must say, it was a blast for the whole NBK Crew. We shared our passion with every visitor. I must tell you, there is something about spending time with kids teaching them about the beautiful creatures we love! Everyone that came to the show seemed to have enjoyed themselves!

The reason I am talking about education right now, is because every reptile hobbyist should take some time every year to educate people and especially the future generations. We have just received terrible news in the USA with the Lacey Act, and the only way we can fight back is by spreading the word to everyone and educating them about the beauties and wonders of the reptile world! If we do not do so, we could wake up tomorrow and have the animals we love banned here too…

Think about it!

In this picture, you can see the pioneer Nurhan and the 2 sons; Brian & Kevin! Our father had taught us everything we know about this world, but most importantly, he shared his passion with us which has now become ours!

Live for Passion!



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Expo season around the corner

NBK ReptilesWith the Expo Season just around the corner, we are proud to announce you that we will try our best to attend as many shows as we can. We now have a link on our website which will let you know which shows we are planning to attend, as well as the ones we will be confirmed.

We will have a wide range of high quality reptiles exclusively selected for reptile hobbyists. We will offer low to high end reptiles, from the popular Leopard Gecko to the somewhat rare Angolan Python.

We are also excited to announce that we are not just planning to do trade shows, but educational shows as well. At NBK Reptiles, there are no secrets, we are an open book. If you have a question, we will answer it with the best of our abilities. We also love educating the next generation, so bring your kids over, and we will try to have little gifts for them as well!

Please visit our Trade Shows and Expositions page for more information.

Thank you for all your support.



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Welcome to our website!

NBK Reptiles

Dear visitor;

As a first blog entry, we would like to welcome you to our new website. We hope you enjoy your stay and take the time to browse our collection filled with the most incredible high-quality snakes.

At NBK Reptiles, our mission is to provide all our clients with high-quality snakes by ensuring that they are fed and conditioned in the best possible way. We take great pride in the way we run our breeding facility.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our extensive collection, our inventory, as well as our pricing and shipping policies.

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