To all our international clients:

We have been shipping to multiple countries around the world. Because of the delay we encounter in applying for CITES permits here in Canada, we highly recommend that you to contact us for information on what could be the best possible way for me to ship animals to you. We already deal with a many people from different countries, which we hold CITES on hand all the time for them. You could have the possibility to arrange shipping with our associates. This will reduce your shipping cost as well as make your life easier. No paperwork… No headaches.

If we do not have any associates in your area, here are the details you will need to know.

Shipping – International

We will ship primarily with Air Canada, unless this airline does not reach a certain destination. In these cases, other Airlines shall be used depending on the destination. There is also a possibility of a broker to be used in certain cases.  Contact us for more information. Shipments will be sent out collect unless the airline requires prepayment. If this is the case the freight charges will be added onto the price of the animals. All USA shipments are sent to a designated port only unless the customer holds an Exemption to Designated Port permit from US Fish & Wildlife.

CITES – International

All shipments outside of Canada require a CITES Export permit. CITES permits will be completed with the information provided by the customer. We are not to be held responsible if the information provided is wrong.  CITES export permit take between 4-6 weeks. Once a minimum deposit has been made, we will apply for the CITES permit. The moment we receive the requested export permit we will e-mail you a copy then apply for a import permit from the appropriate authority in your country. If your country also requires a Health Certification, we shall provide one prior departure of the shipment.

Visit our Terms page for information about payment and guarantees.

Visit our International Partners page to see our growing world-wide network of partners.