NBK Reptiles is 25 years and 2 generations of experience in breeding reptiles. We believe to be one of the most diverse Reptile Breeding Facility in Canada. We specialize in Ball Python Mutation, but breed over 25 different species of reptiles and over 5,000 babies every year! So if you are looking to purchase a high quality reptile from the popular “Leopard Gecko”, the smooth “Scaleless Corn Snakeā€, the famous “Ball Python” or many other unique reptiles, NBK Reptiles is your choice!


The idea of the name “NBK” was created with the first letters of my father, Nurhan Papucciyan and his 2 sons, myself, Brian and Kevin. Nurhan bred his first snakes in his basement back in 1988. It included Red Albino Corn Snakes, Sinaloan Milk Snakes, African House Snakes and more. He then bred Albino Burmese Pythons in 1993 and finally acquired his first investment snake in 1995, the Albino Boa from Peter Kahl. Nurhan was the first bred his Albino Boas in Canada in 2000. Since 2002, we have established in a new state of the art breeding facility. I am now in charge of running the facility as well as managing 4 employees.

Myself, I was born surrounded by animals, especially reptiles. My father had all his reptiles, as well as his rodent colonies, downstairs in our basement. As a kid, I remember coming back from elementary school before my father came back from work, and checking through the incubators for babies and getting them set up in their new containers. Most of the babies I was pulling out were leopard geckos, fat tail geckos and colubrids, as my father was the one taking care of the python incubator. I will always remember this one time, when I pulled out a container of Northern Pine Snake eggs which were hatching, I must tell you guys, I was not ready for this! These baby Pine Snakes were huge and vicious compared to corn snakes!!! I remember running to my father asking him to come and help me out! Now, that is history…

Since then, my passion for snakes has only kept growing. Within this industry, I consider myself lucky to have been able to learn everything I know mostly through my father, even though I was waiting impatiently for my REPTILES MAGAZINE to arrive every month (which I still do)!

NBK Reptiles is a family driven company. The whole family has always been implicated in every aspect of the business such as marketing, major investments, building the facility and all the way to the breeding!


Our mission at NBK is to provide our clients with high-quality Reptiles by ensuring that they are fed and conditioned in the best possible way. We take great pride on the way we run our breeding facility. All our animals are inventoried as well as everything from feeding schedules and breeding behavior which are also recorded in our database. We also ensure a smooth and pleasant transaction for our clients by reassuring them about our professionalism, especially when it comes to shipping animals. We have 35 years of importing and exporting experience, as well as being efficient with paperwork. We ship to many different countries across the globe with many satisfied customers.

So if you are interested in doing business with us, make sure to contact us for information about availability or any other questions. Please visit our Contact Us page.

Brian Papucciyan